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IP Surveillance

As a business owner, safety and security is supreme. IP-Surveillance has emerged as an eye-catching option and provides a bridge to enter the Digital World. Infomac IT Solutions Private Limited offers complete end-to-end IP surveillance solutions with full attention to customer service and support. We keep your business needs in mind regardless we are designing a new network camera system or migrating from an existing analog system.

IP Surveillance Solutions is designed particularly made for IP video surveillance hosting along web-based camera management software. We offer a full design and installation of  IP surveillance network security solutions to customers that require tailored network camera solution. The features of -
Remote Hosting of Video Surveillance Data/td>
Web-based Camera Management Software
EEEnables to do recording remotely

We provide excellent Remote Video Monitoring (RVM) and Surveillance solution for both indoor and outdoor environment, assuring that the potential threats can be detected, identified and mitigated, even when you are away.

We offer a wide range of services with new advanced technology and customized systems.  We are capable enough to Install a new system or optimize the existing system and give you access to your cameras through IP or VPN. We can implement Country-wide video surveillance for large corporate Customized to meet the security requirements of the customers.


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