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WI-FI Solutions

Wireless IP-Surveillance leverages high resolution camera technology, wireless transmission technology and IP based network infrastructure. The combined technology overcomes many of the challenges like range, lack of network infrastructure, inclement conditions, price etc that until now prevented end users from installing surveillance and monitoring systems. Wireless IP-Surveillance represents an innovative breakthrough for communication over Intranet and the Internet. Latest IP-Cameras provide high resolution pictures with minimal bandwidth consumption. Wide range of IP Cameras are available at different price points and features. Campus Wireless Distribution System (WDS) is a highly cost effective Point-to -Multipoint broadband wireless access system optimized for enterprise campus, SOHO and high-end residential areas that ensures robust, secure and reliable service. BroadCell WDS solution provides Point-to-Multipoint bandwidth distribution within enterprises, schools, college campuses and hospital campuses. It also serves as an optimal solution that offers high speed internet access, data and voice services for businesses in urban and suburban areas. BroadCell solution can be used to provide complete wireless access and distribution from indoor to outdoor in many campus and industrial environments.


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