FortiGate Firewalls

FortiGate NGFW comes in a variety of models tailored to your requirements, spanning from basic hardware appliances to top-of-the-line devices capable of meeting the most rigorous threat protection performance standards. This guarantees that whether you’re operating in an enterprise campus, core data center, or internal segments, FortiGate can seamlessly integrate into your setup. 

Discover further insights into resilient firewall options and FortiGuard AI-powered Security Bundles designed specifically for FortiGate.

Offering Innovative NGFW

We provide NGFW, the most popular network firewall globally, offering strong security with AI enhancement, complete visibility, and seamless integration of security and networking.

Operating System


A single operating system ensures seamless networking and security across various devices and locations.

ASIC architecture


Experience enhanced performance, increased return on investment, and lower power consumption with ASIC architecture

Cyber Security

AI/ML Security

Our global threat intelligence provides automated defense against both recognized and unidentified threats.

FortiGate Models

Entry-Level Branch

FortiGate 40F

600 mbps Threat Protection

FortiGate 60F

700 mbps Threat Protection

FortiGate 70F

800 mbps Threat Protection

FortiGate 80F

900 mbps Threat Protection

FortiGate 90G

2.2 Gbps Threat Protection

Mid-Range Campus

FortiGate 100F

1 Gbps Threat Protection

FortiGate 120G

2.8 Gbps Threat Protection

FortiGate 200F

3 Gbps Threat Protection

FortiGate 400F

9 Gbps Threat Protection

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