IT Audit Services

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IT Audit Services

IT Audit Services

The Infomac IT Solutions team has been partnering with companies for years to help them understand and implement solutions relating to a rapidly changing technology environment. Using that same sense of teamwork and partnership, we offer Information Technology (IT) audit services focused on helping clients reduce risk while increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

We evaluate IT general controls and system applications, and integrate information technology throughout the audit process. Our unique approach seeks to automate and improve internal controls.

IT Audit Services Performed

  • IT audit outsourcing and co-sourcing, covering all IT operational and business risk
  • Penetration testing and assessments
  • Internal and external network scans
  • Risk Assessments
  • Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA)
  • Security Assessments, including disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Integrated IT, financial, operational and compliance audits
  • External auditor relationship management

The management team at Infomac IT Solution averages over 10 years of experience in information technology, audit and risk management services. Our personnel have the education, required skills and professional industry certifications necessary to contribute to the success of your organization.

We have worked with many companies and industries, from business start-ups to big entities. Our hands-on experience has given us first hand knowledge of the issues and the challenges your organization faces. This experience enables us to provide time-proven and innovative recommendations, as well as cost-effective solutions, with minimum disruption to your operations.

We’re committed to providing high-quality client service and responsiveness to your needs.

IT Audit Services Performed

  • Improves risk exposure awareness
  • Develops tailored audit plans
  • Enhances risk management processes
  • Strengthens the internal control structure
  • Improves IT and business processes, and increases efficiency
  • Increases value through proven, innovative solutions

Frequenty Asked Questions [FAQ]

The IT audit is a process of evaluating an organization’s information technology infrastructure, applications, data use and management, policies, procedures and operational processes against recognized standards or established policies. It examines that the controls to protect information technology assets ensure integrity and are aligned with organizational goals and objectives.

Infomac’s IT auditing process is conducted in four stages i.e. Planning, Field work, Reporting and Follow-up.

The IT auditing service by Infomac includes IT Operations Audit, IT Infrastructure Audit. IT Governance and compliance Audit, IT Risk Audit and Business/IT alignment Audit.

The IT audit duration depends on the size, complexity and involved risk of each department. Based on these factors, budget hours are established during the planning phase of each audit.

Infomac’s IT auditing services are available for all types of industries involved in technology-oriented work, as business technology is common across all industry verticals.

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