Managed IT Services

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Managed IT Services

Managed IT

Infomac IT Solutions understands that having a reliable computing environment is critical to your daily operations. This is why we spend so much time aligning our technology to support your initiatives. Building a program that provides managed IT solutions and relies on 24/7 network monitoring coupled with an aggressive preventative maintenance component ensures optimum uptime for your business.

Stop buying downtime Invest in Uptime

  • 24,7 Advanced Performance Monitoring ensures all the critical network devices that comprise your network are healthy and functioning reliably and optimally.
  • Scheduled Preventative Maintenance ensures that your servers, PCs, and other network devices function optimally. This improves reliability and security.
  • Quarterly Network Health Review Dedicated time to review reports and issues that are important to the ongoing performance of your network. We translate technology into business terms for you.
  • Security Management Properly designed and implemented Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware solutions to keep your business protected.
  • Patch Management ensures all of your Windows servers and PCs have the most up-to-date security and system patches, helping to optimise performance and minimize security risk.

Total peace of mind, support, and management for a fixed monthly price

  • Infomac provides all of the benefits of internal IT department such as managed desktop services, IT auditing services & IT outsourcing services for a fraction of the price of staffing one yourself. We reduce the business impact of IT failures by minimizing their occurrence, and any unforeseen issues are dealt with as a top priority.
  • When you outsource the management of your IT resources to us, we look at this as a partnership. Our comprehensive approach means we are your IT department.
  • By optimizing your network’s performance, it will work at the peak efficiency and reliability levels that your business demands, allowing you to focus on running your business, not your network.

Frequenty Asked Questions [FAQ]

The Managed IT services is a solution delivered by Infomac IT Solutions that involves managing and maintaining the entire information technology network of the customer’s organisation. This service provides around-the-clock cyber threat monitoring and prevention, after-hours security patching and updates, and detailed reporting on IT security over a specified timeframe.

Given the growing risks of cyber-security attacks on all types of businesses nowadays, it has become extremely crucial for every business to safeguard its complete IT infrastructure. Managed IT services play a significant role in this regard by offering 24/7 server and network monitoring, infrastructure management, tech support, PC, Mac, and mobile device support.

India’s businesses of all sizes and in all industries involved in technology related work can use and benefit from Infomac’s Managed IT Services. However, our Managed IT services are especially well-suited to small business and medium-sized businesses.

Infomac has its head office in Mumbai and Ahmedabad but its Managed IT support service are available at all locations in India

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