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Are you looking to switch to a new IT outsourcing provider?

If so, we’d love to speak to you! Some of our most successful long-term partnerships are with second time outsourcers. These are organisations who have outgrown the capabilities of their existing partner and have moved to Infomac for a more mature service.

If your provider is not delivering on your SLAs or can no longer meet your requirements in terms of 24/7 capability, innovation and ability to scale, then perhaps it’s time for a change.

Frequenty Asked Questions [FAQ]

Outsourcing IT support service deals with engaging a third-party service provider to maintain and support the business’s or customer’s IT infrastructure. Infomac IT Solutions acts as a third-party service provider and undertakes IT outsourcing operations for specific customers and parts of infrastructure so that customers can focus on their core business while Infomac IT Solutions’s team manages their IT.

The IT systems store most of the valuable information about an organisation. That is why it is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of these IT systems. Getting these systems managed from outsourcing IT support service helps in saving money and time of the organisation.

All businesses located in Maharashtra & Gujarat that are involved in technology-oriented work can benefit from IT support services with Infomac IT Solutions, but we are especially well-suited to small and medium-sized businesses.

Yes, the team at Infomac IT Solutions is available 365 to provide businesses with emergency support services. Talk to our experts for more enquiry.

Why Infomac

We offer an extensive range of market-leading competitive range of IT products and solutions that will improve your IT system and business performance.
Tailored Services

We know every business has unique applications and device requirements. We will work with you to understand your business requirements.

Enterprise-grade tool-sets

We use Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager, along with the 1E Nomad for a localized SOP and app distribution.

Customer – First

We will offer customised solutions that suit your business needs. This includes areas such as service management, service levels, and the amount of on-site and off-site support.


Infomac has years of experience in managing the entire IT and communication environment. We work with a wide range of organizations to offer our clients the best strategic support.

Your technology partners

Infomac offers an extensive range of IT services and solutions that will support your business objectives. Our solutions will help you bringing down your costs, improving efficiency and bringing new clients.

Certifications & Accreditation

We are Sophos and Microsoft certified and this ensures that we are in pace with the current technical requirements and roles.

National Coverage

We offer our services to small, medium and large organisations across Maharashtra & Gujarat. Our market understanding and experience working with a wide range of companies help us in serving all your IT needs.

Proactive monitoring

We will keep track and report you everything about your security compliance and application.

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