HP i 33 10 kVA

HP i 33 is designed with DSP controller & latest generation components to support all critical applications like IT & ITeS & Light Industry. HP i 33 is designed with an IGBT based rectifier to improve the power quality at the input by significantly reducing the harmonics to less than 5% and by improving the input power factor closer to unity (0.99). It is designed to deliver at 0.9 PF from various ratings of 10-15-20-30 kVA. HP i 33 can be connected with 12V VRLA and 2V VRLA batteries in an external cabinet and its flexible battery option makes it easy to design the battery for the required backup. HP i 33 is designed to have an optional in-built Isolation Transformer while maintaining its compact foot print.

We are a Distributor in Maharashtra

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